Your Solution To Security And Safety Challenges Worldwide


Executive Protection

ISA provides executive protection both domestic and abroad. Whether the need is for protecting you or a visiting executive or providing an intelligence brief, ISA will mitigate the level of threat by providing the appropriate level of security provided by experienced global protection agents.

Special Events

ISA will assist in every aspect of your special event from conducting an appropriate advance of your selected location and assuring professional security mitigating the threat at your special event.

CPR/AED/First Aid Training

ISA is a recognized American Heart Association training center and offers services from CPR, AED and First AID training. Our facility or yours, ISA is prepared to assist in maintaining your company’s compliance.


Many of our investigations are initiated as part of proactive business strategies. Our due-diligence investigations provide an independent means for you to assess stated company assets and liabilities in buyouts, mergers, or foreign expansion.

Education & Training

V.I.P. Protection, Security awareness, firearms, self defense and survival techniques are among a few of the many different types of training ISA offers.

Pre Employment

Through the use of pre-employment screening, you can determine the best qualified applicant for the position. Pre-employment background checks reduce employee theft, workplace violence, sexual harassment, and drug abuse.

Threat / Risk Assessment

ISA conducts threat/risk assessments to determine vulnerabilities and to evaluate the current level of security for you, government facilities, public, private & corporate businesses, schools, universities and places of worship.

Special / International Projects

For further information regarding ISA’s Special and International Projects, please contact ISA directly. Confidentiality and professionalism are key components when conducting special projects, and ISA stands prepared to assist.

  • The instructors changed opinion of class/training within first few hours of first day…Outstanding!–Holzer Healthcare Security Officer Training Course

  • The practical exercises and scenario training were completely relevant to the subject matter, great job!–NCH Healthcare Security Officer Training Course

  • Extremely impressive backgrounds & life experiences.  The ISA Instructors were very knowledgeable in what they instructed. – Fort Worth Marshals Office, VIP Protection/Small Detail Tactics

  • Nice work.  Just what I would expect from a firm of your qualifications and reputation. – Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing, PLLC

  • Your security team was like none I have seen before and performed as a presidential security team - excellent job. – State Senator, Ohio